The Mrs Africa Foundation

The Mrs Africa Foundation is the official charity organization of the Mrs Africa Pageant and is founded on the legacy of the past and present Mrs Africa titleholders who changed lives in their communities.  These phenomenal women graced various international stages and showcased the powerful, strong, gracious and beautiful African woman to the world.  They work in some of the worst war-affected areas on our continent and is passionate about female development and education in Africa.  Their passion and humanitarian work last longer than their year of reign and they have formed an African Sisterhood that will be talked about years to come.

Mrs Africa knows that she cannot change the world, but realized that if you do small things every day, you can achieve big things together.  She has seen that some situations are hopeless but is committed to give someone at least their dignity back, in any way possible.

A vehicle accident years ago killed his wife and turned Jannie Swanepoel from a book keeper to a car guard. 
The past 6 years he suffered from diabetic feet and beginning 2017 there was no other option, according to doctors, than to amputate his right foot. 
With a combined effort he was employed as a complex security guard, MediClinic Potch provided oxygen to assist with the healing process, Leunis van Rooyen from NucleoLife assisted with a healthy eating plan and sponsored him NuCleoBiotics, Dr Kahl  provided wound care at cost price and Africa Pageants Foundation payed the wound care treatment. Jannie didn’t use any other medicine or  antibiotics other than NucleoBiotics.
Although this is a chronic condition that Jannie will have to take care of for the rest of his life, he is out of danger to lose his foot and can live a normal life.